About us

shieldThe Adam Smith College of Management is a private vocational college established by the National training Centre. We train adults (16+) in a two-year training programme equivalent to EQF Level 5. This is the topmost level of vocational qualification in Bulgaria. The College operate under a license issued in 2004 by the Ministry of Education and Science, with subsequent amendments in 2006, 2008, and 2013, allowing us to issue recognised Certificates of Vocational Qulifications. Copies of all issued certificates are sent to the Ministry’s online Register of Diplomas and Certificates.

The Adam Smith College of Management continues a tradition and the experience built by the School of Management at the National Training Centre, which was established in 1992 as a vocational qualification and re-qualification arm of the company. The School of Management evolved into what is today Adam Smith College of Management. The training in our flagship programme has a duration of 4 semesters (2 years). To be awarded a vocational qualification certificate, the student must pass all (around 20) exams. It is important to know that the final exam mark is a composite mark, elements of which may be (depending on the module) participation, coursework, assignments, etc. Successful pass in all modules allows the student to sit a state examination based on criteria established country-wide by the Ministry of Education and Science. This examination consists of two parts – a theoretical part, and a practical part (developing and presenting a business plan). Qualification requirements are available to the students since their day 1 with us, so that they can follow through these requirements in all of their studies.

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Since 2009 we at Adam Smith College of Management started to include students on the list of team members for our international cooperation projects. They serve as junior experts and actively contribute to project work, while engaging in a challenging context which further deepens their learning experience. Invitations to join a project team are decided upon students’ academic results and language competence. Students get not only practical experience, but are also encouraged to engage in informal contacts during meetings and joint activities, helping them establish a professional contact network.

Since 2008 the Adam Smith College of Management is issuing Europass Supplements to our Certificates for Vocational Qualification. The Europass Supplements provide transparency and fast recognition of national vocational qualification certificates across the entire EU and in participating countries. Europass is a tool helping certificate holders start a job easier or continue their training, and it includes the Europass CV and the Europass Language Passport.

The Adam Smith College of Management started to integrate computer tests and assessments in 2006. Gradually this evolved to include the admission test and regular exams. In 2008 all of our exams have migrated from paper to electronic. We continued with migrating all our training content online, including examinations. Our current e-learning platform allows for randomised tests, detailed statistics, marking both open and closed questions, accepting and marking complex assignments. This ensures immediate exam feedback and provides the faculty and the administration with timely and valuable statistics.

Our training premises are covered by free Wi-Fi since 2008. Access to our network is available to both students and visitors. Please contact the administration should you need help with accessing or using the network.

Adam Smith College of Management is an accredited INGOT Academy, allowing us to assess and certify internationally recognised certificates for IT competences. The preparations for certification is integrated into the College’s traininng programme’s module of ICT, and students may receive their certificates upon completion of their course, without need of additional training or examination. INGOT is an innovative model for assessment and certification of IT competences developed by our UK partner, The Learning Machine. Their certificates are referenced to the European Qualifications Framework and have EU validity.