A business like every other business? No! A business just like you!

We believe that every person has a uniqie combination of talents. When it comes to entrepreneurship, this combination is powerful enough to shape a business organisation like no other. And when organisation’s talents develop and – by using the right management methods – evolve into competitive advantage, the business comes to life.

Modular programmes helping you understand how businesses work

The training content in our programmes is formally divided into modules, but we think of modules in the same way we think of an ecosystem – all components matter, all have their purpose, all must work as one whole. This allows for even the organisation’s inherent internal conflicts between the various functions to perform an important role for a sustainable development.

A mix of skills which you can apply immediately

We at Adam Smith try to follow a simple rule — being practical. This means that we design our training programmes with the intent that every training sessions adds a method, an instrument, an approach or a subject to dwell upon, which have an immediate application and utility.

Training Programmes

Student Enrollment

Unique Training Environment

Survey: Share of entrepreneurs (business owners/managers) among ASCM students

At the start of studies at ASCM – 7.90%
After graduation from ASCM – 24.30%

Survey: Change in income after graduating from ASCM

Increase of over 20% – 11.76%
Increase between 5% and 20% – 41.18%
No change/Change up to 5% – 44.12%
Reduction – 2.94%

Survey: Income increase is result from new skills and competences acquired at ASCM

In full or to a very large extent – 38.24%
In part (only some knowledge and skills) – 35.29%