Adam Smith College of Management Staff

Andy Stoycheff is Director of the Adam Smith College of Management (ASCM). He holds a MBA from the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, and has a qualification in pedagogics. Before taking over as director, he worked as a business consultant where his area of expertise was management consulting, business planning, company restructuring, investment analysis and strategic management of SMEs in Bulgaria and in partnering countries. Mr. Stoycheff is directly involved in the design and sustained evolution of the curriculum and the training content, the recruitment and selection of faculty, and the strategic management. He oversees the international project activities of the organisation, working closely with the project managers.

E-mail: [email protected], telephone: +359 2 857 2001, +359 2 857 2003.

Buba Portokalska is a long-time Deputy Director of ASCM, and Director of the Department of Education. At the end of the 2017-2018 academic year she retired from active work. She will continue to support and advise the team on matters related to academic scheduling, inter-disciplinary curriculum links, training content and mandatory training documentation, incl. management of the regulatory oversight.

Theodora Dimitrova is Deputy Director of ASCM and Director of the Department of Education. She is reponsible for the smooth planning, design and delivery of all training programmes, designs, consults and submits for approval the overall academic schedule, oversees all administration work related to the training activities of ASCM. Mrs. Dimitrova is involved in the management of Erasmus+ projects, including drafting new projects.

E-mail: [email protected], telephone +359 2 857 2001, +359 2 857 2003.

Gergana Pencheva is an Administrative Secretary at ASCM and Erasmus+ projects coordinator. She is in charge of all administrative services and training process logistics. Mrs. Pencheva actively participates in the planning and design of interactive training materials and has a key role in the administration of ASCM’s online e-learning platform.

E-mail: [email protected], telephone +359 2 857 2001, +359 2 857 2003.

Our other staff members include Mrs. Petya Nenkova (finance and accounting), Dipl. Eng. Vladimir Todorov (IT systems and maintenance), Mr. Petar Petrov, (legal and administration).

Adam Smith College of Management Faculty

Our faculty includes academics and business practitioners who work together in providing the best learning opportunities in their respective field of expertise, but also to ensure that the interdisciplinary links are clearly outlined. We strongly believe that key business issues deserve discussions from multiple perspectives, and we encourage teaching in teams.

Esteemed members of our faculty are: Desimira Velkova, Ph.D. (Management, Business Psychology), Stefka Manoilova, M.Sc. (Accounting, Macroeconomics), Andy Stoycheff, MBA (Business Processes and Strategic Planning, Microeconomics), Asst. Prof. Irina Danailova, Ph.D. (HR Management, Project management), Doncho Kovachev, M.Sc. (Finance, Investment analysis), Buba Portokalska, M.Sc. (EU integration, Public administration), Assoc. Prof. Yovka Bankova, Ph.D. (Strategic planning), Milena Koleva-Zvancharova, M.Sc. (Cultural anthropology), Assoc. Prof. Slavka Nenova, Ph.D. (Business statistics), Diyana Topuzova, M.Sc. (Business law, Mediation), Teodora Lazarova, Ph.D. (HR management, International business), Ivo Velinov, Ph.D. (Marketing), Lyudmila Velichkova, M.Sc. (ICT)